Providing High Quality Industrial and Commercial Real Estate Services since 1988

4740 Dwight Evans is an 80,000 square foot multitenant warehouse with 8 spaces in Southwest Charlotte. Bill handled the leasing for the Calvin Mitchell for almost 20 years, eventually helping him sell the property to another investor.

“Bill provided great service to me over the many years we worked together on my property. He was skillful dealing with local family business as well large companies like NBC and UPS. Bill worked hard to overcome some of the negatives to the property such as limited parking and keeping my upfit costs low. I really appreciate everything he has done for me over the years.” – Cal Mitchell, past owner

CE HOLT Inc., a 50 year old commercial refrigeration service company. Assisted with purchase of current headquarters, a 20,000 sf office and warehouse facility on Gibbon Road in Charlotte. As well as assisted leasing CE Holt’s previous facility to several tenants over the last 15 years.

“Bill has played an important part in fulfilling our company’s facility needs over the years. He has worked with both my father, who started the company as well as me, and I have always appreciated his candid advice and patience.” – Jeff Holt, President of CE Holt.

New Orient Trading, a family owned import wholesale business. Bill worked with the owner Kim Chen for 2 years to find a suitable property to purchase in a very tight market, and eventually helped with the purchase of a 20,000 sf warehouse in Old Hickory Business Park in Indian Trail.

“Bill was very hardworking and honest in finding the best property for us. His market knowledge allowed us to buy the property at a very reasonable price. I appreciate all of his help.” – Kim Chen, owner.

Barker Industries, a 30 year plus old family owned company that manufactures high purity chemicals. Bill worked with the family for 2 years on their search for a new facility, resulting in the purchase of a 56,000 sf facility in the Southwest Industrial area. Bill then found a buyer for their former office warehouse off West Blvd.

“We appreciate Bill’s hard work and patience with our search for a new headquarters and his finding a buyer for our old warehouse, which had a difficult zoning and location to market.” – Marc Setin, co-owner

City Graphics is a local 25 year plus old printing company. Bill worked with City Graphics 20 years ago when it relocated to a small warehouse in the Southend Area. More recently he assisted them with selling their 5000 sf warehouse and purchasing an attractive 20,000 sf facility on Westinghouse. He has stayed in close contact, helping the owners with leasing out extra space in the building as needed.

“We have had a great relationship with Bill over the years, and he has helped with several real estate needs. I feel comfortable in calling him every time I have a question about our property or the market in general.”  – Joe Washam, owner

Condumex Inc. , a sales and distribution center for Grupo Carso, one of the largest conglomerates in Mexico, providing steel and other metal products for manufacturing and construction. Bill initially helped relocate Condumex from North Charlotte eleven years ago to a more attractive 16,000 square foot warehouse space in the Westinghouse area. When their needs changed again, He assisted them again with another relocation to a more suitable facility: less office, more loading doors and still an economical rate in a tightening market.

“Bill has helped us several times over many years find the right location to adapt to our changing needs. His information and good advice have allowed us to feel comfortable making our real estate decisions.” – Dean Wood, Charlotte Manager

Washington Alloy Inc., founded in 1983, one of the nation’s leading providers of welding and filler metal products. Bill assisted with their initial permanent location in Charlotte, a 28,000 sf facility in North Charlotte, as well as help them negotiate 2 lease extensions.

“I have enjoyed working with Bill over the last 13 years with our real estate decisions. He has always shown great diligence in finding great opportunities for my company to consider, and his market knowledge has always allowed me to make good decisions. We are headquartered in California so it is important to have a local real estate source that I can rely on.” -Steve Hong, President